Day Ticket I Friday

Includes: access to the Kurhaus where the bio&dynamica is held + access to the Circle at Piazza della Rena, from 10am to 6pm.

Naturae et Purae – bio&dynamica, Kurhaus: The first day of the Merano WineFestival from 10am to 6pm is dedicated to the best organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Over a hundred producers from all regions of Italy offer their finest wine creations.

The Circle, Piazza della Rena: From 10am to 6pm you can find out about stories and experiences related to people, wine, food and territory. During the first day the topic “biological” will be explored.

If you would like to attend the showcookings it is recommended to register at the desk at the entrance of The Circle, Piazza della Rena, or at the information point in the Kurhaus.

Normal ticket (30,00 €)

  • wine glasses are available only on deposit;
  • paid wardrobe service is available;
  • The ticket includes free tastings of all products and the possibility to attend showcookings.